BikepackingDYNABANK is ideal for providing energy during bikepacking. It is a power bank that is optimized for charging from an alternator in a hub. Like DYNAUSB, it uses a high-efficiency rectifier with MOSFET transistors for maximum efficiency, but everything else is different. The integrated Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh is charged during the ride. The advantage over direct charging of a mobile phone is the use of the maximum available power for charging at any speed. Charging starts at about 8 kph and increases with higher speed. Charging is controlled by an dc/dc controller to obtain maximum efficiency. The charging is optimized for available power from alternator and it increases with higher speed in linear manner up to about 40 km/h. Due to this linearity you get constant capacity per km, typically it is 3 Ah/100km. When riding with speed 20 kph it is 5 hours. You get typically more energy than is using mobile phone for navigation (tested with OsmAnd and screen saver).

When you are not riding and want to get some energy (for example over lunch) you can charge the DYNABANK with a wall charger. Due to support for FastCharge the charging is fast with maximum current of 3 A.

DYNABANK is equipped with OLED display that shows battery status, battery voltage and also some statistics. It shows charging current and input voltage when riding or charging from wall charger and also counts total energy obtained. So after riding you can see how was the battery charged. The counters are reset with long press of button.

The voltage from the battery (which has a nominal voltage of 3.7V) is converted by the DC/DC converter to 5V for USB output. Maximum output current is 2A. To minimize accidental battery discharge, the inverter is turned on when the button is pressed for 2 seconds. If the current drawn is zero or falls below 50 mA, the converter is switched off in 30 seconds. Therefore, if you charge your mobile phone or navigation over night, the converter is switched off when charging is complete. This saves battery power. While charging the output current is shown on the display.

The battery can also be charged from a classic mobile phone charger via a USB-C connector. Therefore, if the required power consumption is higher than it is able to provide charging from the alternator, it is possible to support charging from a conventional socket. DYNABANK supports FastCharge 2.0 and Quick Charge 4.0 with maximum charge current 3A (12W), so charging from wall socket is very fast. The battery charging time is approx. 3.5 hours (from a fully discharged battery).

DYNABANK is not waterproof, so it is advisable to place it in a waterproof bag, where it is protected not only against water, but also against mechanical damage in the event of an accident. The bag for mobile phones or navigation with a transparent cover is ideal, in the lower part of which DYNABANK can be placed. DYNABANK has the same profile as Xiaomi powerbank 20000 mAh only is shorter so you can use silicone protection cover for this powerbank.




Technical parameters:

Battery capacity 10 000 mAh
Battery voltage 3.6 V
Battery type Li-Ion
Input connector Round 4/1.7 mm
Maximum input voltage 48 V
Typical dynamo charge current 0.65A@20 kph, 1A@30 kph, 1.3A@40 kph
Charger connector USB-C
Maximum voltage on USB-C 12 V
Maximum charge current from USB-C 3 A
Number of USB outputs 1x USB A
Output voltage 5 V
Maximum output current 2 A
Dimensions 120 x 70 x 24 mm
Weight 252 g